Friday, January 16, 2009

A Day With Brennan!

Today I got to spend the day with Brennan. Blaine called me this morning and said that he really wasn't supposed to be at daycare because he had a fever yesterday. It just so happened to work out because school was canceled today because we had a windchill of -39 degrees!! So Brennan and I played with some toys, read some books, watched tv and worked on our ABC's on the computer! :) Brennan ran head first into the recliner--didn't hurt himself, it's cushioned--and after he hit his head on the chair, he looked at me and hit himself on the head! It was so funny! Here are a few pictures of our day today! :)

Brennan decided to do some cleaning--he found my duster :)

Loves his blanket!! Don't you like how I shut him out of all of the rooms?

Here he is trying to get into the tub I had some toys in--he wasn't very successful!!!

Brennan just being so darn cute!!!

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