Monday, March 23, 2009

Pray for Stellan

First and foremost.... Please, please pray for baby Stellan. Although I have never met MckMama, I follow her life, her kids, her stories. She's a tremendous woman who needs as much prayer as possible for her sick little baby boy.
And now on to something more positive...
The CUTEST little guest at Mark and Missy's Wedding!

Jayden hanging out with the bride!
Missy and DREW!!
Jayden got to snuggle with Aunt Mandy, too!
Jeremy and I at Mark and Missy's wedding


El said...

Hey My dear! I put something in the mail for you today, so keep a look out, ok?

Anonymous said...

What a handsome guy

Anonymous said...

Those two little studs were two of the best dressed guests! :)

You and Jeremy looked great too!