Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ohhhh GIRLS just wanna have fu--un!!

The newest member of the Hall family is going to be a GIRL!
This is a picture of a HEALTHY placenta! That was first and foremost!

This is a shot of her bottom--notice nothing between the legs!! Very CLEAR picture!

This is her getting ready to do a flip!

This is a profile pic--her head is to the right, belly to the left!

This is another profile shot, face on the right--with the umbilical cord right next to her face!
Look for her debut on or before July 16, 2009!!!


Sara said...

Congrats on your girl!! Her picks look great!!

I had my u/s yesterday so I need to get my pics up! Seriously, we are going to have to meet and get our girls together!!

- Mighty B said...

The prettiest baby girls are born in mid-July! (My Brenna was born 7/14!)So happy for you!!