Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feel like singing!

Being 20 weeks pregnant makes me want to jam to Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer!!!! I think the only person that will appreciate this is Haley!!! HAHA!
Here is a picture from when I was 20 weeks with Connor

Comparing to this pregnancy at 20 weeks!!!

We are halfway done!!!! 20 weeks, and actually LESS THAN 20 left! Since having small babies doesn't run in our family, we will probably be having a scheduled c-section around 38 weeks. (Jeremy and I have decided against another vaginal birth. After going through labor and delivery....and the horrific events following the birth of Connor, we're just not sure either of us can go through that again. We both want to schedule a date and have this little baby out minutes after I'm cut waiting and wondering all during labor and pushing.)
Haley and I were both nice little 6 lb babies, but we seem to produce these healthy 8lb children--with giant heads!!! Jayden's head measured 14 cm and Cyndi looked up and found that Connor's head measured 13.5 cm! Both boys were over 8 lbs!! Both boys were born at 38+ weeks! Although...I got an epidural, Haley didn't!!! :( I only pushed for 45 minutes, Haley pushed for 2 HOURS, yes....2 HOURS! I just thought it would be fun to compare our births :)
So I got on the scale first thing this morning..... Last week I weighed 144 lbs. Today the scale read 147! OOPS!!! 3 lbs in one week!! I haven't been in the pool yet this week, so maybe that's why.....because it sure wouldn't be that I've eaten sycamore ice cream twice in 3 days!!! I think as long as I keep swimming, I won't let myself get too large!!!! I have gained a total of 5 lbs this pregnancy...I'm not going to complain. I think I had gained at least 15 at this point with Connor.
We are going to the Dr. on Friday! Don't miss out on the exciting news!
(Oh, and Bethany, did you notice I FINALLY finished my ironing?!)


El said...

July 17, July 17, July 17. It's a good day!

Sara said...

Happy 20 Weeks! That is so exciting. Cannot wait to read about your u/s!

Chelsea Corwin said...

Sycamore! I am so jealous! Good job only gaining a few pounds thus far.