Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lots of Presents!

Ever since we found out that a little girl was on the way, we have been receiving lots of presents!! Our nursery closet will soon be filled with lots of little girl clothing!
Here is the glider grandma Kim bought for us!

Grandma Kim also couldn't resist these 2 outfits!!!!

My friend, Emily, from the Y got us this photo stand to hold our ultrasound picture!

Grandma Deeter bought this purse down in Key West over 2 years ago--and has had it in her closet WAITING for her granddaughter. She FINALLY is getting her first granddaughter after 3 grandsons!!! I can't imagine her be spoiled one bit!
(The funny thing about the purse is that our family has had a Boston Terrier dog since I was in 5th grade. Our first family boston was OREO (RIP), then I got my own boston while in college--Zoe, and after Oreo went to doggy heaven they got another boston named Kizzy.)

Grandma Deeter also couldn't resist on these little outfits!

My friend, Maria, came to visit this weekend and she got us this frame with a quote from Dr. Seuss. It's so adorable!

Here is a little sundress and hair clips from my go to girl, Cyndi. She helps keep me sane. :)
Thank you all for the wonderful and adorable gifts!!!

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Tasha said...

Oh Mandy!I am so happy for you guys!I have been praying that the litle one growing inside you is as healthy as can be.I am so glad that she is!Girls are so much fun!(I have two!)I stopped at the Y over the weekend to get a couple of forms for Conner's run/walk.I'm going to walk and my mom is going to run.We are looking forward to it!I'll see you then!Take care and congratulations!!