Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our 1st Family Vacation

The Hall Family on our first family vacation to South Haven, Michigan!!

Our babies' names in the sand!

The other love of my life.... she'll never know the abundance of joy she brings to us!
Hanging out on the beach!

Daddy and Mia on the Beach
Mommy and Mia on the beach! Mia on the beach!
We really enjoyed our first vacation as a family to South Haven!! A beautiful and quiet place to enjoy some time to ourselves!!!! We definitely want to go back next year and rent a big house ON THE BEACH with My parents, Justin & Haley and Blaine & Jenn...with all of the kids there too, of course!! It will be so much fun to hang out with all of them and watch our kids play on the beach together!!! I get excited just thinking about it!!! :)
Grad school and work both begin Monday the 14th! YIKES!!! Going to be one busy mama! So I will apologize in advance if I don't keep up in the blogging world! I'll at least try and get a weekly update, but my family, school and work come first :) ....then blogging!!
Wish me luck on this huge transition!

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Nice pictures! looks like you guys had a good time.
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