Tuesday, September 29, 2009

12 weeks old!

I got busy and tired last week and missed posting her 11 week picture. But the pics from 12 weeks are WAY cuter, so I'll just post a few extra!!
We had an afternoon to ourselves today because I had to see the Dr. about my mastitis AGAIN. So we took advantage of it, got dressed up, and stapped a few pictures!!!
She was cracking me up with all of her different expressions!
She's totally flirting with the camera!!!
BIG blue eyes!
Perfect little features!
Some really fluffy hair!
Things got a little crazy when I tried to lie her on her belly on the couch! All she wanted to do was roll over!! Zoe protected her from rolling off of the couch!
Just a pretty little thing!
Future heartbreaker.
Mia is doing FABULOUS!!!! She has developed quite the personality! She will smile and coo at mommy and daddy, roll over from her belly to her back, can focus on objects, found her hands--which then found her mouth, and she knows when you leave the room--because she doesn't like to hang out alone anymore!! (not that I would leave her!!! I run to the bathroom and she doesn't like it when I leave her alone!)
Mia survived her 1st night alone without her mommy and daddy! We went to the PU/ND football game. We knew it would be way too late to pick her up, so she spent the night with her Mimi and Papaw! She won't have many overnights because I don't like leaving her!!! I got really sad when I got home and she wasn't here!!! I got up after only sleeping 4 hours to go get her!! She did GREAT for her Mimi and Papaw--slept through the night for them, too!
We have a VERY busy October! We will be doing something every Saturday AND Sunday!! Here's a peek at our month:
October 3rd--Purdue game (Mia will go if it's not too cold!)
October 4th--Haley, Mia and mommy to Indy for DeAnna and Fletcher's baby shower!!
October 10th--Mia and I to Indy to meet Fletcher and a spa day with the bride to be!
October 11th--Mia's Baptism in Muncie!
October 17th--Purdue game
October 18th--Brennan's Birthday Party!
October 24th--Emily and Ryan's Wedding!!!
October 25--Hopefully a day to RECOVER!!!!
Whew, I'm tired already thinking about all of this! :)
Mia's 3 month pictures are scheduled. Now we've gotta find an outfit!!!

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Chelsea Corwin said...

I love the picture where her tongue is sticking out and she has a look like she is up to something...too cute!