Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 weeks and other things

Hey blogging friends! I'm 10 weeks old today!!!
My mommy went back to work on Monday. Man, do I miss her!!! But luckily, she got me a really good babysitter who takes great care of me and spoils me too! :)
I smile lots for my mommy and daddy!!! I'm quite a ham when they get the camera out!

Mommy and Mia the morning of my 1st day back to work!!!
Ohhh HILARIOUS pictures of the grandkids! (I think Jenn was the only one who got a good one!)
hmmmm does miss Mia look a LITTLE like her mommy here??? Please say yes!!
No words to describe this picture!! HAHA
A little unsure of it all!!!!
Brennan was trying to get Jayden to sit between his legs and pose....
Such a great cousin!! Helping Mia with a bath at Aunt Haley's house!!! She tends to have a crabby time in the evenings, so when that time pops up, we stick her in the bath and it realllly calms her down!!
Mia's 2 month shots!!!
Took 3 grown ups to hold this 10lb baby down!! :)
Growing like a weed!! She's so perfect!!!
Weighed 10 lbs 12 oz
Length 23 inches
and 100% sweet! :)


Missy said...

Poor thing! Her little leg with those band aids....too cute! I need a Mia fix...hopefully I will get to see her soon!!! :) I am glad to hear work is going well! :)

Kyle and Karie Wong said...

She is getting so big!! I totally cried when Lilly got her first shots...poor babies! Mia is adorable Mandy...hope you are all doing well!

- Mighty B said...

She is so precious! And I can't believe how big Jayden is getting! I love how her band-aids coordinate with her outfit! Too too cute.

Sara said...

I cried when P got her shots this past week. It was very traumatizing! I'm glad Mia is doing so well!