Sunday, September 14, 2008

Up and Down this week

Maria and
Mandy at
the game

Us at
the game

the game

Pissed that
our Boilers


me, and

to Journey

Me, Missy,
Haley, Emily,

Flat Stanley
made an
at the game

So we have had a crazy week..... to say the least.

Monday was great!! I took a personal day and Jeremy and I hung out all day--since we really didn't get to do much for our anniversary. We even snuck a nap in on the couch in the afternoon! So nice spending time together.

On Tuesday we received some REALLY great news. We found out that I was pregnant. Unfortunately, just 4 days later, I ended up having a miscarriage. We are both really bummed. But we agree it is better to happen like this than to go through what we went through back in March. Keep your fingers crossed for a pregnancy again--soon! :)

On Wednesday, Me, Haley, Jenn, Cyndi, Emily, Missy, Maria and Amanda all went to the Journey concert! Besides the really crappy traffic jam we got into upon parking--the concert was pretty good!!! It was no Steve Perry, but the new singer did a pretty good job. It was a fun night to hang out with all of the girls!!

We had another home Purdue football game on Saturday. We DOMINATED the first quarter!!! We were all expecting to lose pretty big to Oregon, but knew we had a good chance after the way our Boilermakers started out. Of course they lost it during the second half of the game and the Ducks came back and won the game in the second overtime. BOOO. Oh well. ...guess it just made a bad day worse. Plus Notre Dame won, so that sucks too!

We have one more home game this month and then we have a break for a couple of weeks. Hopefully we will get a ceiling put up in the basement!!! Slowly coming along. I can't wait to have our room done down there!!!

That's about it for this week!!! Hope you all have a good week! Stay dry!


Abrah said...

You are always in my prayers! God will bless you with another baby soon! I will keep the prayers coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mandy, I'm so sorry! My fingers are crossed. You and Jeremy are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oops...sorry forgot to put my name on my case you couldn't tell it was me. :)