Monday, September 8, 2008

BOILER UP!!!!!!!!

Lots of
good food
to eat!

enjoying the tailgate!

My favorite part
of the game! :)
(besides us winning)

1st home

Jeremy starting
the day off


So this past weekend was the 1st home PURDUE football game!!! This is something that Jeremy and I look forward to every fall!!! We get to spend quality time with our friends from Purdue and enjoy some football. We hope to continue to get season tickets and someday share our love for Purdue football with our little Boilermakers!!! It was a little bittersweet coming to the first game. Last year we talked a lot about bringing Connor to a game to get him rooting for our Boilermakers nice and early. It sucks, but it's reality. We have to look towards the future and pray for another baby very soon. As for now, he'll just have to cheer on our Boilers from his beautiful home up in heaven..... Boiler Up little man!! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mandy... why do you have to make me cry.........

Angie said...

Hi Mandy! Missy told me about your blog. We've been thinking about you and Jeremy and praying you'll get good news soon.

Love the Purdue pics! Go Boilers!

Angie & Jeff