Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy, Busy weekend!

Cami, Kim
and Jeremy

Cami, Me
and Kim



The newest
member of
the church!


Me and

The girls

The guys

me and
my bro

So we had a SUPER busy weekend!!! Saturday morning we left home bright and early to head to Purdue for another home football game. Some of our friends couldn't make it to the game so they gave their extra tickets to us. We invited Haley, Justin, Blaine and Jenn to come and tailgate!! This was everyone's first tailgate--except Haley (she experienced it in full force last year at the PU/ND game) need I say anymore? haha So we all tailgated for a few hours before the game, went and watched our Boilermakers and shortly after the game we headed home.
After Jeremy and I got home we changed clothes, unpacked the truck, packed up my car and went to Jeremy's Aunt and Uncle's annual fish fry. They have a fish fry every year and their whole family gets together. We hung out with family, had a few drinks, and enjoyed the company of all the family.
Sunday we had Brennan's baptism. Jeremy and I are Brennan's Godparents. We feel blessed to be a part of his life. We have a huge responsibility--if their mom and dad aren't good parents, we get to take over. HAHA just kidding! :) We just have to make sure that he grows up with the Catholic faith. I think his parents are on the right track :)
Jeremy and I have both been a bit under the weather. He has a virus called pleuricy (which is an inflammation of your lungs). I guess it's pretty painful when you take deep breaths. He's on some medicine that should hopefully help him! I have been fighting a headache and over all body ache.... I have a feeling some of the kids at work might have given me something!! I slept 10 hours Thursday night and took a 3 hour nap on the couch today. I hope that it's nothing, but if I don't get to feeling any better in a few days I might have to call the dr.

Hope you are enjoying the end of summer!

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