Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time flies....

when you're having a smooth, happy, healthy pregnancy! :) (sorry Haley!)
The ever growing baby bump #3 at 20 weeks! (Feel free to cue Bon Jovi's Livin' on a prayer)

I'm amazed every day. This sweet little baby growing inside of me....kicking, rolling, dancing, swimming. He's the first thing I feel when I wake up and the last thing I feel when I go to sleep. I sure hope he calms down once he arrives, or I may be in trouble! :)
Pregnancy is going great! I've been a little bit of a bad eater. I'm a bottomless pit right now. I think I think about food more than I think about anything. I've put on 10 lbs so far. I started at 130 and weighed 140 this morning. Only 1 lb is baby, oops! :) I started at 142 with Mia and only gained 23 lbs. My goal is to not gain over 30.....we shall see!? I guess the numbers really don't matter, I'm growing a healthy baby and that's really all I care about, truly.
I have just a little over a month before my spring break--and do I have some MAJOR plans!
1. Potty training Mia. I think she's more than ready, but waiting for a good week to hang out at the house in some big girl undies.
2. Painting Mia's room. She's graduating to a more "big girl" style. I'm thinking a light purple or a yellow (since that seems to be the only color she knows) or maybe both? :)
3. Getting baby #3's room ready. Taking the bed and dresser out. Moving the changing table and crib (maybe). No painting in his room, it's already a pretty yellow color and that will be good--especially when we give him a big boy "purdue room" :)
4. Testing out Mia in a toddler bed. I'm going to attempt for a couple of nights and see how things go. She has no desire to climb out of her crib, so if the toddler bed doesn't work, then she's staying in her crib and we will put the pack and play in place of the crib for now!
5. Spending some quality time with my Mia. I hate leaving her everyday to go to work. She fills my life with love and she holds a very special spot in my heart!
So it will be a busy week of painting, moving beds and furniture, lots of trips to the potty, and lots of loving on my Mia! I CANNOT wait!

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Momma_Duck said...

Can you please send me info on the balloon launch again? I got your email but now I can't find it! I know I wouldn't have deleted it! duckwall_ms(at)yahoo(dot)com THANK YOU!