Friday, February 4, 2011


This, my friends, is a BEAUTIFUL umbilical cord placement directly in the center of the placenta!!! That was first and foremost for the ultrasound. Once I saw this, I could breathe a little easier.

Here is our little BOY waving hello! :)
Nice side profile
Sucking his thumb.
I am so relieved that we had an amazing ultrasound. No findings to worry us at all. We have a healthy little boy coming late June/early July I presume! Actual due date is 7/7/11, but chances of delivering on that day, well, is pretty slim to none!
Time to dig out some of the boy clothes we have leftover and do a little shopping :)
Thanks for all of the happy thoughts and prayers. We feel so blessed to have another little boy to add to our family!


Chelsea Corwin said...

Congratulations, Mandy and Jeremy! So glad that everything is going great for the little one!!!

Unknown said...

congratulations! glad things are going good:)

El said...

So, so, so happy to hear that! Can't wait to talk to you about everything in person! =)

Sara said...

Congrats on another boy! How exciting!