Tuesday, July 20, 2010

South Haven, MI

Jeremy, Mia and I, along with Justin, Haley and Jayden, all took a trip to South Haven, Michigan. This is the first of many multi-family vacations to South Haven! We absolutely love it there! Hopefully mom and dad and Blaine, Jenn and Brennan will join us next year :)

The kids got along great and had tons of fun together!
We enjoyed each others company. Sitting on the deck having a few drinks, riding bikes, hanging outon the beach and playing some scrabble!

Daddy admiring his beautiful little girl.
Beautiful sunset.
Family pic on the beach--Mia HATES the sand :(

At dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant.
After breakfast at the Phoenix Street Cafe!
Mommy & Mia!
Our family...watching the beautiful sunset.
....until next year, South Haven.

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