Wednesday, July 7, 2010



What a beautiful year it has been watching my daughter grow, and learn many new things that she has learned from her daddy and mommy.
She's got a LOT of personality :)
Won't let anything get in her way.
Loves Dora, the dogs, eating crackers and stealing daddy's remote control!
We celebrated her actual birth Day at her mimi and papaw's house. We had yummy sandwiches from hometown pizza and cake.
We get her to eat her cake.
Apparently, she doesn't want anything to do with it.
Really could care less about the yummy chocolate cake.
Not even a taste. She would rather...
Watch her cousins demolish her cake!
Mia's birthday ended with a sleepy car ride home from Walton. Then mommy sat in the chair and held her for awhile and watched her sleep. Just like I did 1 year ago. She's pretty much, well, perfect.


Angie said...

Happy 1st birthday, Mia! She is beautiful, Mandy! Sounds like the perfect day. Drew wouldn't have anything to do with his 1st bday cake either and now the boy can scarf down the sweets! :)

Chelsea Corwin said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day! I am so happy for you all and love watching Mia grow up on your blog! **Rease didn't tear into her cake either :(

Anonymous said...

She is PERFECT! Thanks for sharing her with us! Momma Crispen & Big Steve

Sara said...

What a great birthday celebration! I love the pics of her refusing cake - too funny!