Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok. So I have had a LOT of requests for the flower headbands!!! If you would like one, email me at Make sure to include your NAME, PHONE, ADDRESS and the color of band/flower you would like. If you don't care about the color, you can just get one that I choose for you!! :) I will be making LOTS of these during my spring break (March 19th-28th) So just let me know and I will start a spreadsheet for your orders!
WOW. WOW. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all so MUCH!!!!!
(I'm not sure how much they will be, but I'm thinking about charging $5 per headband. If there are requests for multiple bands per order, I'll figure out a "special" :) THANK YOU!!!!

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Toni said...

My daughter bought one for her little Lily and it just looks too cute on her! I am an etsy fan, have you thought of opening a shop?