Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend and a boo boo.

Zoe has a boo boo!!! She was trying to get to her daddy behind the fence while he was dumping some leaves on Sunday where she sliced her head on the farmer's fence!!!

Here's a close up of her scrape from the fence!

Every year since we've graduated, we've made it a point to go back to Purdue on Grand Prix weekend. We used to go for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, but we have gotten too old and can only handle one night these days! So Saturday I met up with Maria at Purdue to hang out like old times. Here we are in Harry's--the best place at Purdue :)
In front of the Purdue University Sign right when you get on to campus.
Ahh...what a great place!
I actually didn't make it overnight....I woke up Saturday morning with a pretty nasty head cold. I thought I would be ok, but by about 10:30 I was feeling pretty crummy and couldn't breathe at all. It sucks when your pregnant because you can't take any GOOD cold medicines that help you sleep. So I'm just going to have to suffer until it decides to get through my system. Let's hope it's gone by Saturday because Haley, Cyndi and I are going to walk/run the Indy mini 5k.

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Mrs. D. said...

Aww, get better soon! Great pics1