Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swim Meet and No Identity!

Jonie, myself and Haley out to watch NO IDENTITY!
Haley and Justin!
Me and Haley listening to Jeremy's band play!
Emily and Ryan came out, too!
We had a busy weekend!!! First we had a swim meet at Pioneer (which I totally dominated, right Haley?) :) Then it was off to listen to Jeremy's band play at the Moose in Logansport! We always have a great time going out to listen to them play!
Here are some pictures from the meet!

Haley and I posing with our ribbons from our Adult Swim meet at Pioneer!
Great group of girls that had a blast at the swim meet!
Lindsey Rozzi, Shelly, Crozier, Kate Hopper, Me, Cyndi Bricknell and Haley!
2 of our BIGGEST fans!! :)
Grandma and Grandpa Deeter even came to watch their girls swim! Just like old times!
Jayden LOVED his first swim meet!! He cheered for his mommy, Haley!!!

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- Mighty B said...

I just have to say that Haley looks AMAZING for just having a baby! Working it in a bathing suit so soon after having Jayden...she's my hero! :-)

And Mandy you can't even tell you're pregnant!! Two hot sistahs!!