Monday, July 29, 2013

Well Check!

 Mia and Dane went today for their 2 and 4 year well checks!! WHAT??  When did my babies get so big!
Mia Lynn
40 lbs
42 inches tall
85%ile for weight
90%ile for height!!

Dane Alexander
31 lbs
35.25 inches tall
85%ile for weight
77%ile for height!
 Waiting...waiting...waiting :)
 He's my "troublesome" kid.... left ear drum still has a hole in it and that darn tube is still stuck in his ear canal. Plus, he's cutting 2 molars which has caused some sleep disturbances at night. Other than that, he's great :)
 Better keep this to show them when they're 14 and 16....
Oh! And potty training? YES!Dane is potty trained/ing. Peeing in the potty--he does GREAT!!  Still working on this pooping stuff.....

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Sara said...

She's so tall! Pretty girl. And Dane - can't believe he is potty training. And pooping on the floor. Cracks me uP!