Thursday, June 16, 2011

Could it be?

The last belly shot?!?!
Only time will tell!
All I that I'm ready to meet this little guy!!!
37 weeks!!
I can't wait to come home with our little family and enjoy this new life together.
I'm so very thankful that Jeremy gets a 2 week paternity leave through his work. We will get to enjoy the kids and start another crazy strict routine (because I'm psycho! haha) And start writing the next chapter of our lives.
Hope you keep reading....I'm sure things are going to be fun and interesting with the Hall's :)
....feeling so very blessed.....
.....loving all 3 of my babies.....


Chelsea Corwin said...

You look great, can't wait to hear of his arrival!

Sara said...

So close Mandy! You look great and can't wait to see your newest little guy. It seems like just yesterday we were chatting about our girls!