Sunday, April 10, 2011

A one time occurrence

Haley, Jenn and myself (my sis and sis in law) are all three pregnant!!! We are all due within 10 weeks of one another. This is the only time this will probably ever happen!!! (I think Jenn and I are done having kids after these?!?!)

Anyway, it has been so fun being pregnant with these 2 girls! Our kids have an absolute blast together and get along SO well. After these 3 babies are born, my parents will have 7 grandkids all ages 3 and under! WOW! We've been busy ;)

Thanks to my mom, she snapped a few pictures of us girls the other night.

Won't be long and it will just be Haley and myself....Baby Maleigh is coming SOON!!! Can't wait for all of these new babies!

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