Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can you believe?

That I'm 6 weeks old today??
I'm growing like a weed, I tell ya!
I can no longer fit into my newborn sleepers!!! They fit around, but my little legs are just too long!
I'm beginning to smile at my daddy like crazy!!!
I'm making funny little sounds with my voice!
My cry has REALLY gotten loud! Especially when I have gas in my tummy!
My eyes are really starting to turn a pretty blue color!!
I'm getting pretty excited for my 1st Purdue football game and my 1st family vacation with my mom and dad!!
Here I am at the Y! Mommy takes me here EVERY day! :) But I'm so good when she brings me! We have also been running a lot! I usually fall asleep when she puts me in the jogging stroller!

My future babysitter, Chloe!! She takes good care of me when we're at aerobics!
Here are some of my favorite pics that mommy took of my today.

Mommy has 3 1/2 weeks left with me until she has to go back to work! I sure am going to miss hanging out with her all day!

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Chelsea Corwin said...

Enjoy the rest of your time off! I hate being back at work, but it is starting to get a little easier. Mia is so cute!