Friday, July 17, 2009


Mia got to take her 1st real bath today!!! Aunt Haley was changing Mia yesterday when she realized that her umbilical cord came off as she pulled her onesie up!!! We've been waiting for it to come off so she can try out swimming in grandma and grandpa Deeter's pool!!

Tummy time with Jayden!!!
Jayden must have done something funny :)

The moments I'll cherish forever....
Being such a sweet girl while daddy spends some tummy time with Mia!
Aunt Haley and cousin Jayden came over to take a walk!
Mia and Jayden ready to stroll!


Missy said...

Ok I LOVE the pic of her laughing and the one of you and Haley ready for your walk with your kids! You two are so cute! I am so happy for all of you! See you Tuesday! :)

Sara said...

Cute pics!

Do you like your bathtub for her? It is the one that we have for Payton!

Looks like you are enjoying Mia - so happy for you guys!

Chelsea Corwin said...

you guys look great! i didn't get out for a walk for weeks after i had Rease, you are doing awesome! i had to go to the mall to find a shirt for pictures about a week after she was born and was spent before i made it from the door to the women's department at JcPenny's!