Wednesday, May 27, 2009


31 weeks compared to....
32 weeks!
We are getting closer!!! Approximately 6 weeks left until miss Mia can arrive!!! Scale read in at 159 this morning. It would be GREAT to not get over 165 lbs.....but the last few weeks of pregnancy I really love to eat lots and lots of whatever I want!!! I know for sure I won't make it to 180, which is what I weighed when I delivered Connor!! I didn't get in the pool at all last week and I just felt gross all week. We swam yesterday and again today after aerobics and I feel SO much better. I love being in the water because it makes me not feel so HUGE!
Today was my LAST DAY of school!!! I don't have to return until September 14th! I get to relax most of the summer. During the month of June I will be working really hard trying to get my 10 pg research paper done for one of my classes--that way I won't have to worry about it once Mia arrives.

Barney the dinosaur?
(NOT a flattering picture, eh?)
That was me while we were visiting Cami on Monday. I ran out of clean clothes (I was staying at Haley's all weekend and didn't pack for Monday. Jeremy decided we would just stay there Sunday night, too!) It was my mom's purple federal mogul shirt which made me look like Barney.

Update on Cami!
Cami has been released from the 6th floor and moved to a room on the rehab floor at Ball Memorial. She is going to learn how to get in and out of bed, use the wheelchair and all of the "small things" that we take for granted that we do everyday....go to the bathroom, brush your teeth...

Here is her "Bionic Arm" as she would refer to :)
Please keep Cami and Kolin in your prayers. She has done So well so far, but still has a long road to recovery. Thanks for all of you who have had them in your thoughts.


Justin, Haley, Jayden, Lynnsey, Sydney said...

i love it how you grab your ass in your belly pictures!! also i don't think you look like barney...i think you look beautiful!

Emily said...

Um...Come on Haley, She doesn't really have an ass! And I agree with Haley, you look sooo cute pregnant! :)