Sunday, December 14, 2008

We've got a lot of catchin' up to do!


Little tree down in the basement.

Here is the ornament mom and dad got
for us while we were in Florida.

The unfinished/storage part of our basement.

(minus the new furniture--will be another 3
weeks before it comes in!) For now, we'll
use our old college furniture!

Just got everything back into the room.

The future weight room/workout area.

Another view of the totally 90's furniture :)

The Landis PTO bought 2 books for the
Library in memory of Connor. I was so
shocked to find these in my mailbox after being
gone for 3 days in Florida.

Tear Soup and the Butter Battle Book.

On the inside cover of both books.

Of course, a Dr. Seuss book!

WHAT a week/weekend!!!! I returned home from Florida on Tuesday, the 9th. We got in around 2:00 that afternoon. I hung out for about an hour, then we had swim practice AND a swim meet that night!!! Needless to say, I crashed as soon as I got home Tuesday night!
I went to work on Wednesday and made it about an hour before I came down with some kind of stomach bug. I left work and came home and slept. I think that my body was just so worn out from traveling and lack of sleep. (I didn't get much sleep in Florida--I shared a hotel room with mom and dad, and well, dad tends to snore a bit!) :)
So after spending Wednesday in bed, I headed back to work on Thursday. Had another swim meet Thursday night and then worked again on Friday. I still think I was fighting a little something and ended up calling it an early night on Friday. Jeremy was out at Pioneer announcing a basketball game so it wasn't like I missed out on much!!!
Saturday after practice and Jeremy working, we headed to Kokomo to FINALLY begin our Christmas shopping!!! Out of the 11 people we had to buy for, we only have TWO people left!! We were so productive!!! And we haven't even had to buy a single gift card! Unique presents for everyone!
As you can see, our basement is DONE!!!!! We have carpet!!! We moved all of our old furniture back into the family room until our new furniture arrives. We want to be able to use the basement and not have to sit on the floor. It looks a little tacky with the green walls and Jeremy's yucky college furniture, but it will do for now!! He wants to keep his green recliner....if I have to haul it up the stairs and to the trash myself, I will! :) We spent most of Sunday organizing and cleaning up the basement. We spent a good 2 hours on it and now the clutter is gone! While I worked on some homework, Jeremy got the Christmas tree put up. We both put on the lights and hung ornaments. We were able to get it up with about a week and a half before Christmas!!! (We couldn't get to any of our decorations because of the mess in the basement!--construction has its way of making quite a mess!)
I have a very busy week this week with a couple of assignments for grad school to do and 3 swim meets! Jeremy has to work late 2 nights this week, so we won't be seeing much of each other in the evenings. Maybe I'll go visit him a couple times for lunch when I have 2 weeks off for Christmas break!
Hope everyone is doing well!
Happy Holidays!


Abrah said...

Basement looks great. If you need help hauling that recliner up the stairs, let me know. That thing does not belong in your new basement. :)

Sara said...

The basement looks great! I love the 90's furniture. :) Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Someone close to me gave me Tear Soup after Samuel died. I read that book over and over again. I was fascinated by it. I hope you find comfort in it as well.

Hope you are feeling better!