Sunday, October 19, 2008

A night in Indy

Todd and DeAnna

Jeremy and me

Us at the Cheesecake Factory!

Friday Jeremy and I both had the day off and spent the whole day working on the basement. After we hung some drywall, we got cleaned up and headed to Indy to meet our friends Todd and DeAnna. I met DeAnna through the Vasa Previa email discussion group and we have become such good friends. We talk pretty much everyday--well text/talk :) We met them at the Cheesecake Factory down in Greenwood for dinner. We all had a nice dinner and then all ordered desserts!!! Mine was too much to handle!!

After dinner Jeremy and I went and checked in to our hotel downtown. We were meeting another couple, Mark and Missy, at Crackers Comedy club. We were able to see 3 comedians. The 1st guy kinda sucked--he just talked about his stretchmarks and his man boobs....hmmm yeah.. The second guy was pretty funny and actually told one really annoying drunk guy to "get the hell out". The main performer was Scott Henry, and he was pretty funny!! We laughed most of the night and had a good time hanging out with Mark and Missy. We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside the club, so unfortunately, I don't have any to post of us!!

Saturday night Jeremy's band performed in Kokomo, so I just sat at home with the dogs and watched TV. I got pretty bored, but sometimes it's nice to just sit at home and do nothing!

I've got a short work week this week! I only work Monday, Tuesday and then until noon on Wednesday. I'm going to work on getting sponsors for Connor's run while I'm off work. Hopefully with the sucking economy, people will still want to donate!

Friday I'm meeting my friend, Maria, in Indy and we are going to get massages!! It will be so great to spend the day with her!


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you guys were in downtown indy too! i wish i would have known and we could have hung out! i miss you guys! : ( also, let me know about sponsors..i will get you some money!! <3 Rachael

Justin, Haley, Jayden, Lynnsey, Sydney said...

your boobies look nice in that shirt!