Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Under construction.....

boys working
on the basement

my construction

my man nailing
up some 2x4's

2 walls are done!!!

Construction has begun on our basement!!! We have decided to add some sqare footage to our house by finishing about 2/3rds of our basement! My dad, Justin and Jeremy worked so hard on Saturday to get it all started. Jeremy has been working on framing up the walls every night he has free after work. Our goal is to have the walls framed and drywall up by the end of the first week in September (he's on vacation that week and should HOPEFULLY get a lot of work done!)

Everything else has been going well. We have been enjoying time with each other before I have to get back to work--in less than a week!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Can't wait to have a party in our new basement! :)

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