Sunday, July 20, 2008

Florida and a little rain

Lion at the zoo!

Donny and

at the beach
even though it
was very rainy

love it

us at the

Jeremy and I
at sunset

Me and Adriane
at the beach

Me and Jeremy
in Tin City


Jeremy and I just got back from our vacation down to Naples, Florida! We went down to visit my cousin and her husband! We flew in on Saturday afternoon and as soon as we got into our rental car it started to downpour. Needless to say, it rained 5 days STRAIGHT. We knew that there were 'showers' in the afternoons in Florida, but I had never seen it rain like it did while we were there. We had plans to take a catamaran to visit Key West one day, travel to Marco Island and possibly take a trip to the Everglades. INSTEAD........we hung out and relaxed A LOT! It was nice for Jeremy because he enjoys doing a lot of nothing on vacation! But by about the 3rd day of rain we were both so over it! We jumped in the car and drove to Ft. Lauderdale for the day--hoping to see some sunshine! As we drove across the state the weather got a little brighter each mile--thank goodness!! We were actually able to find the college I will be attending for graduate school and walked around the campus a bit. We had some lunch, drove around and then headed back home!

We were able to go to the Naples Zoo one day, but it did rain while we were there!! They have a very nice zoo and lots of mosquitos as well! After 5 days of rain the sun finally came out and we hit the pool the first day of sunshine! I got fried, but didn't care....I just wanted to be in the sun! Our second day of sun--and last day in FL--we all 4 went to the beach and swam in the GULF. I say GULF because I was corrected that it wasn't the 'ocean'. :)

We also played a lot of tennis while we were there. Jeremy and I played singles one evening and then we played doubles a few times with Donny and Adriane. Let me tell you...even at 10:00 in the morning it is hotter than crap in southern Florida! We were all dripping in sweat and finally called it a day and hit the showers!

We had a wonderful time and are greatful that Donny and Adriane opened up their home to us. THANK YOU! :)

Love you all!

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