Sunday, March 23, 2008

Soooo Close!!!

38 weeks

Well I am done working until August 13th!!! I am on spring break this coming week and hopefully will have this little baby sometime in the near future! I think we have everything ready!! Tonight Jeremy and I attempted to put the car seat base and car seat in my car--not real sure if we did it right so we're going to ask Uncle Blaine to come over and see what we did wrong! Bags are packed and clothes are all washed--we are ready to go!!!! We are very fortunate because Jeremy's work gives him a 2 week paid bonding period after the baby is born--so we will have 2 weeks together to try and adjust to this new lifestyle!! :)

We had a great Easter Sunday and hope everyone else did as well. Aunt Haley and Uncle Justin are in Florida right now soaking up all the warm weather while it snowed here in Logan today...booo

We go to the Doc again on Monday the 24th....hopefully things are progressing and wel will have a little baby to show you all pretty soon!

Take care!

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