Saturday, January 26, 2008

A few more pictures for you!

and the belly at 29 weeks!

different views of the nursery
another shot

Hey Everyone!!!

The nursery has really come along!!! We have just a few more things to do before it's complete! The changing table is ordered and we still have to go shopping for a rug!! Aunt Haley is throwing baby Hall a baby shower at the end of February so I'm sure we'll get some more decorations for the room then--Aunt Haley has a slight e-bay obsession! :)

I have been feeling great!! Swim season is coming to an end--1 more week left. I have had a blast coaching with my sister, but a little break will be nice because I'm sure I'll be getting more tired as the days go on!! Still working out as much as possible, hopefully he doesn't mind me jumping and bouncing around everywhere!! His second home will be at the Y this summer while mommy tries to get back in shape to do the triathlon with her sis!! :)

We have been going to our birthing classes at the hospital every Monday night. We were able to take a tour of the O.B. floor the other night and got to see a little baby!! We are learning all about what goes on when you go into labor and give birth--it's really starting to feel real and will probably be here before we know it!!

Hope you are all doing well!!

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