Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's Christmas Time!!

22 weeks!
"Santa" and our babies

Hey everyone!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the winter weather!!! We are up to 22 weeks now!!! I can't believe our little guy will be here in 18 weeks!! Things have been going pretty well. Jeremy has been keeping busy with his crazy work schedule and announcing Pioneer basketball games and I have been keeping busy with work and coaching swimming with my sister!! I think the busy lifestyle is catching up though. I have been fighting a nice head cold for the past couple of days. Luckily, Jeremy has some domestic I laid around and slept most of the day he cleaned the house, did the laundry AND cooked dinner!! What a man--wouldn't trade him for the world!! :)

The next few weeks are going to be quite busy with different families to visit at all of the Christmas dinners/celebrations. I'll do my best to keep the updates "up-to-date"!!

Take care!

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