Thursday, October 18, 2007

Baby bump!

15 weeks!

Hello There!!!

I am finally starting to "feel" pregnant!!! The past couple of weeks I have just felt like I ate way too many doughnuts and was really fat and bloated!! Now I feel like there is something actually growing inside there!! As hard as I try now, I can't suck in my gut--it's there for the next few months!!! Yay! :)

We went to the Dr. on Monday....and FINALLY got to hear the heartbeat!!! We were able to see it beating in the ultrasound at week 11, but weren't able to hear it. The doppler picked it up real quick this time around! It was very fast and sounded strong!!! He didn't give us the beats per minute, but hopefully he will next time! He said everything looks great and to continue what I've been doing!!

Our next appointment will be November 16th!!! We are scheduled for our appointment at 19 weeks and an ultrasound to check all the measurements of the baby and to find out the sex!!! What a great birthday present that will be for me! :)

Well I hope everyone is enjoying this!! It's crazy to look back just a few weeks ago to see how everything is changing!! 25 more weeks left! :)

Take care!

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