Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Up to week 8!

Here it is....8 weeks.... I am already feeling fatter!


Well, we are now on week 8!! Not a whole lot has changed, YET!! I have gained 3 lbs......hopefully I won't put on too much weight too fast!! I have been feeling great (up until this morning). Today I woke up with the first signs of a headcold! BOOO!! I have a pretty good feeling it might be from all the little kiddos I've been around at work. It stinks because I can't take any medicine to help knock me out at night, so I'll have to suffer a little bit this week--hopefully it'll be out of my system within a week!!

We did get our first baby gift from Haley and Justin. It's an adorable Purdue bib!! I have been SO good and haven't bought anything "baby".....yet!! I'm sure that will be much harder once we find out the sex of the baby! But that won't be until late November early December.

We're hitting the road this weekend and traveling to Toledo, OH to watch the first Purdue football game of the season!!! Hopefully it will be a winning season for our Boilermakers!!

Thanks for checking in!!

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